- Site Division -

Roll-Off Container Division 

Our Horizontal Grinder ready to be transported to a job site to recycle clearing debris. 

Recycling Clearing Debris - Shear-Wood Inc. 

For large tracts, we transport of Grinder to the job site.

Land Clearing for New Sports Complex - Lakeside High School

12,000 SF Building Pad - Augusta Stoneworks 

    Far too often a project can be delayed or even worse, cost far more than it should due to most General Contractors having to rely on the timing and prices of subcontractors that they must hire to complete the site work for them. We, uniquely, remain one of the only contractors in the area that is equipped and experienced to complete and manage all phases of a project from start to finish. While our clients who chose us as the general contractor over the entire project benefit the most from our site division, we still provide top quality work at competitive prices to those who only want us to perform the site work. Take a look at these pictures to get a further idea of the services we are capable of providing.